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July 2006
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Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Name: Julia

Gender: Female

Age: 14 *ducks* sorry!

Range(Are you a soprano or an alto or a tenor or what?): soprano I guess

Name of song: Point of No Return and the high notes from Phantom of the Opera

Link to recording: http://media.putfile.com/Point-of-No-Return-35

Do YOU think you're better than Emmy?: Well, by the time I turn 16 I should be...hopefully...I dunno, people say I already am, but I really am unsure. What do you think?

Additional Comments: Sorry I know I'm underage for LJ but I really wanted to enter this contest rating thing.


It's hard to compare you to Emmy because you're so young. If I may advise something... don't worry about E6 right now. Work on the stuff before it, because you can't perfect E6 without perfecting the others. You hit it, so you know you have it, but there's more to singing notes than just hitting them.

Also, you're a bit breathy... so work on your support. :D I find breathy sopranos are quite common in teenagers though.

Thank you

Thanks for the advice but I'm still not sure on HOW to breathe right...

It's hard to hear the recordings...but Grizzy likes what she's heard.

a bit late on the commenting thing, but I wanted to say 1) love your screen name, and 2) you have a very sweet tone. You'll be amazing when you're 20, I don't doubt. :-)